Monday, February 9, 2015

Meet Jasmin Gorritz, Agent for New York Life!

Jasmin Gorritz, Agent
New York Life

Interview by,
Ingrid Galvez, Chair
Diversity Inclusion & Outreach Committee

2015 is starting off for so many with a list of resolutions and goals. No time like the present to re-engage the New Year’s financial resolutions and goals.

This month’s featured member is one poised to help achieve those goals. NGLCCNY member, Jasmin Gorritz has been with New York Life since 1994. Jasmin’s tenure at NYLife has provided her firsthand experience of the changes affecting the LGBT community at large. Jasmin knows the importance of how changing and evolving laws affect the community and wanted to be a resource.

Jasmin is committed to being a resource to the community. Her goals are to service clients by helping them understand how they may be affected by the ever evolving laws.

Jasmin shares a bit about her career at New York Life in this month’s interview.

Tell me about your history with NY Life? What was your career path at NYLife?:  I started in 1994 in the legal department then worked in the compliance department for about 2 years and in 1999 I transferred to the meetings division as a meeting planner through 2013.

How did you decide to become an agent?:  In 2013 I decided the timing was right but I had been thinking for quite a while that I wanted to do something where I was in contribution. What better way than to become and agent for a company that I believed in doing something that really matters.

What sets you apart from other agents?:  What sets me apart as a Financial Advisor is that I bring authenticity to my business. You see, as I develop my own practice, I focus on who my clients tell me they are and I help them create the dreams they want.

What are key things clients need to understand about products and services at NYLife?:  It is a company that has been around for almost 170 years, we are a mutual company, which means the policyholders are the owners of the company and we are always keeping abreast of changes in the market and our finger on the pulse of the industry, in order to better serve our clients.

How has the legalization of gay marriage impacted the insurance industry?:  It has opened the doors to serve the community, as well and bridging the opportunity to offer what we do to their loved ones. 

What does that mean for LGBT couples?:  It can insure that if or when a family member is no longer here their loved ones will be taken care of in the manner they would have wanted them to. (Keep their homes, college for kids, retirement planning) Since marriage is legal now your spouse can be the beneficiary without worrying they have no rights to collect because they were not viewed as entitled. 

How is NYLife addressing this segment of the market?:  NYL has a team dedicated to penetrating the market and supporting the community. 

What special services are you currently offering and how might NGLCCNY members support your endeavors?:  Starting a conversation, setting up appointments to see where I can be of help is a place to start. I want to put a face to someone who understands them and can relate to them at a personal level.

Ideally, who can benefit from you services?:  Everyone, regardless of demographics, gender or sexual orientation

What else would you want NGLCCNY members to know about you?:  I want to be part of the change in making sure our community is served well and would welcome the opportunity to also offer my services in any endeavor where the NGLCCNY might need a volunteer in accomplishing it. 

Jasmin may be reached at the following or may be chatted up at the M3s:

Jasmin Gorritz
420 Lexington Avenue
15th Floor

Bus: 646-227-8603
Cell: 917-361-9669
New York, NY 10170

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