Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Octobers Non-Profit Spotlight: The Tyler Clementi Foundation

The Tyler Clementi Foundation is a national organization dedicated to ending online and offline bullying in schools, workplaces and congregations. 

The Tyler Clementi Foundation (TCF), guided by the life and story of Tyler Clementi, promotes safe, inclusive and respectful social environments for vulnerable youth including LGBT youth and their allies. TCF works to develop high quality programs, rooted in research, that will measurably make a difference to reduce victimization of our youth. 

Through educational partnerships, research, public dialogues and awareness programs, TCF fosters empathetic, constructive discussions of respect and dignity for youth and families, at all levels of society. To learn more about TCF and it's mission click here

Upcoming Fund Raiser:  Be Demi's BFF for a Day

Be Demi's BFF for a Day is a grassroots campaign, driven by Social media and email through the friends, family, followers and colleagues to raise awareness and funds for the Tyler Clementi Foundation.  To learn more and have chance to spend a day being BFF's with Demi Lovato click here.

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