Monday, September 8, 2014

National Conference Participation Aids in Long Term Growth Business Strategy for Local NGLCCNY Members

Re Perez of BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE and Michael Hudson of Site Search & Select were both recently tapped for another year of speaking at the 2014 NGLCC National Business and Leadership Conference held in Las Vegas.

Each one of these dynamic LGBTE business owners were excited to be asked back a second time to share their stories with both corporate partners as well as other recently certified business owners.  Here is what they say is part of their success strategy:

Michael Hudson, President
Site Search & Select

Michael Hudson says that S3’s company goals and objectives strongly align with what NGLCC is achieving through the launch of their new GLOBAL INITIATIVE.  Speaking on global topics at the National Conference has allowed him to increase his visibility with corporate partners as well as add additional credibility for his business.  Corporate Partners have a better recognition for his company and its services.  Now that is turning into more conversation and ultimately more contracts.

Re Perez, CEO & Founder

According to Re Perez, speaking engagements have been the single most effective method of increasing awareness, exposure, and revenue for his branding agency. He encourages entrepreneurs and small businesses to do the same. While having a well-designed business card, a beautiful website, and fancy marketing materials are important, it’s equally critical to remember that, at the end of the day, people buy from people they trust, like, and respect. Speaking engagements give you a platform for people to connect with you. 

Here's what other members who attended the conference had to say:

"I had a great time.  Next time I’ll definitely stay in the conference hotel, I spent a lot of time running between hotels.  The breakout sessions were very helpful, especially wrapping my head out the whole corporate procurement process.  In the end, I feel that my company might be too small to make it through the procurement process without someone really pushing us from within.  This is definitely a long term process and I feel privileged to be a part of the network." - Nathan Byrne, Owner, Fabler Studio and Certified LGBTBE Supplier

"As a first-time conference attendee and a fairly recent small business member, we did not know what to expect from this year's NGLCCC conference in Las Vegas. Needless to say, we were rather blown away by the organization, level of quality workshops, and economic opportunities the conference presented to attendees. The NGLCC conference was a great opportunity to, not only hear and learn from inspiring, well respected and established entrepreneurs, but meet and talk hand-in-hand with so many members of the LGBT community with the same goals in mind, to support and grow. We're already looking forward to the next!" David & Phillip, Co-Founders, PBJ Marketing and Certified LGBTBE Supplier

"From our perspective, the conference was a fantastic way to get to meet all of the NGLCC members who had been so incredibly helpful in ushering us through the certification process. On top of that, it was really enlightening to be able to meet with other LGBTBE's and hear how they navigated the procurement process in winning contracts and making connections with some of their top clients. The ability to speak directly with those in the know from top corporate partners and Fortune 500 business gave us a really good look at what they were expecting from their suppliers and how we could best communicate with them; furthermore, the Matchmaker meetings were an incredible chance to make our case to some of our top company targets and start building relationships we've now been growing in the weeks thereafter." 

"All in all, a really fantastic experience personally, an incredibly valuable experience professionally, and most definitely something I am already looking forward to returning to next summer!" - Tony Meyer, Co-Founder, TestTracks and Certified LGBTBE Supplier

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