Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Queer Women Who Tech Summit 2014 in New York

NGLCCNY is excited to partner with the Lesbians Who Tech Summit to offer a special discount code for the Queer Women Who Tech Summit, June 19-22 in New York.

NGLCCNY members get 25% off with the code LWTNGLCCNY. Reserve your spot today by clicking here.

Lesbians Who Tech is the community of queer women in/around the tech world (and the people who love them). 

Started in 2012 in San Francisco, the community has over 4,000 women and chapters in 14 cities. Whether you work at a tech company, have a technical job, or just love technology. Even if you're just obsessed with every new app that comes out, Lesbians who Tech wants you to get geeky with techy folks just like you, land gigs, and make new friends and connections. 

The Lesbians Who Tech Summit is open to everyone! This is a "male-friendly" event; we welcome your participation and encourage your advocacy.

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