Monday, April 7, 2014

16th Annual Marriage Equality USA Gala

By Brian Silva, 
Executive Director, MEUSA

With the support of Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA), over 120 million Americans now live in 18 states that now allow same-sex couples to legally marry. NGLCCNY and our fellow members support, including this May at our 16th Annual Gala in New York City, has allowed LGBTQ families, including their children, to enjoy the same benefits and protections that other families have and even take for granted - no matter where they live, work or visit.

Since 2011 MEUSA has provided unique leadership, training and field support in 14 successful state campaigns to win marriage equality - expanding the equality map to include almost 40% of all Americans. We have done this through our National Equality Action Team, who made almost 100,000 phone bank calls and knocked on thousands of doors to talk to every day Americans about why marriage matters. In addition, our education and training programs, like “Civil Marriage Matters,” has connected communities across the country with the personal stories of their LGBT friends, family and neighbors to talk about why marriage equality is important.

Founded in New York in 1996, MEUSA is the nation’s oldest organization dedicated to building equality for the LGBTQ community through education, training, organizing, advocacy and coalition building. With over 40,000 members, MEUSA has been at the forefront of this movement for almost 20 years and holds a unique and historical position in providing leadership, education, and training in advancing full marriage equality. 

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