Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Committee Seeks Members

Ingrid Galvez
Committee Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Outreach

The NGLCCNY grows as the community’s needs evolve. With the creation of the Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Committee, the NGLCCNY further highlights the importance of a collaborative community and it is my privilege to Chair this committee.

Collectively, the members of the NGLCCNY have worked to create a culture of inclusion and support. I joined the group while at a large corporation and had the privilege to build relationships within the group. Today these relationships provide me support and encouragement as I evolve in the pursuit of my goals in business. I have met mentors, strategic partners, clients and service providers. It is through my experience that I can express why this group is necessary, important and beneficial.

D & I Outreach Committee looks to increase awareness of the economic power of high caliber women and minority professionals and business owners. We do this by educating people about the business community we are building stronger every day and invite them to join us.

I invite you to reach out and learn about the various ways in which you may participate in the Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Committee. Contact me, Ingrid Galvez, at Ingrid@nglccny.org.

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