Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Marble Collegiate GIFTS Annual Kick-Off Brunch

Join the GIFTS fellowship for it's annual kick-off brunch!

Sunday, September 15th 
at 12:30pm
in the Labyrinth Room 

Come kick-off the church year and reconnect with your fellow GIFTS members for some food, fellowship and fun!

Cost is $12.00 with proceeds going to The Church: Art, Acceptance and a Place to be Yourself for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Youth and their Allies, and the GIFTS Scholarship Fund. 

So that we may provide an accurate number to the caterer, please register in advance here, or contact GIFTS@MarbleChurch.org or (646)790-2909.

The Marble Collegiate Church is located at 1 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Women's Mixer A Great Success

The NGLCCNY in collaboration with OP.Lynx at OUT Professionals and FSIX Professional Women’s Mixer event at The OUT NYC on Thursday, August 22nd, was a tremendous success.

Ingrid Galvez, Diversity & Inclusion Chair of NGLCCNY, Cami Capasso, Co-President of FSIX, Jennifer Long & Mary Blanchett OP.Lynx & Board Ambassadors of Out Professionals contributed to bring out a wonderful group of over 60 registered talented professionals to further develop their professional connections in the LGBT business community.

Tonya Sanchez, Special Events Director with The OUT NYC and Joe Mode, President of WayOutWorld , hosts of “Cocktails on the Great Lawn at The OUT NYC,” ensured NGLCCNY and our professional partners we were quickly accommodated due to the inclement weather.

Present were the NGLCCNY family, Derrick Brown, Executive Director, Gonzo Araya, Media & Communications Chair and Connie Thorp, Ambassador, who welcomed our guests and made everyone feel at home.

Other NGLCCNY notable members making contributions to the evening, Robin Dillard, Affinity Inc. Magazine captured images of the event, Ryan Prado of Medulla and Chris Campbell of Poppin made wonderful contributions to our raffle give-a-ways.
In the spirit to keep the collaboration going, please check out the sites for each of the organizations as everyone is hosting their own special events in the month of September.

To view additional moments captured during the event, please visit our Flickr account.

For membership inquiries at the NGLCCNY, please contact Curt Williamson, Membership Manager at curt@nglccny.org.

GMHC: A Social Justice Organization and Leader in LGBT Health Services

By Robert Finkelstein, Esq.

Most of us are familiar with the tremendous work of NGLCCNY’s not-for-profit partner Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC).  Begun in 1981 by a group of six gay men, GMHC has grown from a telephone and answering machine in a living room, to the world’s first provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. 

GMHC serves a diverse group of clients, comprised of thousands of men, women and families living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.  One-third of GMHC’s clients are African American, one-third Latino, and one-third Caucasian, and thirty percent of all its clients are women, most of whom are heterosexual.  Through its various major events, such as the annual AIDS Walk New York and the Latex Ball, GMHC is at the forefront of raising money and awareness while empowering individuals, including LBGTQ youth, to take control of their sexual health through education, testing and support.  GMHC is particularly proud that 88 cents of every dollar donated is utilized for direct services and programs.

With the effective advancement of HIV/AIDS medications over the years, GMHC’s services have evolved from assisting people with “dying with dignity” to serving people who are living with HIV/AIDS, by providing return-to-work training and assistance, a meals program, legal services, case management and more.  As Dirk McCall, Director, Communications and Marketing, explained, “GMHC is much more than just an HIV/AIDS service organization -- we are a social justice organization and a leader in LGBT health services.”  For example, during the recent meningitis outbreak among gay men and other men who have sex with men, GMHC was a leader in providing free vaccinations in New York City at its Testing Center and on Fire Island. 

Dirk McCall
Director of Communications and Marketing, GMHC

Janet Weinberg, Chief Operating Officer, notes that GMHC continues its vigorous fight against AIDS while providing supportive services to the communities it serves.  As Janet explains, “GMHC is currently seeking licensure from New York State in mental health and substance abuse services, which will allow us to expand our current programs in these areas, further advancing our mission to serve those affected by HIV/AIDS.  These licenses will allow us to assist a wider array of the LGBT community, including HIV-negative people.”  

As a former Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce that worked closely with NGLCCNY as it began (the Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce), Dirk, as well as GMHC’s Senior Managers and Board of Directors, fully appreciate the importance of working with Chamber businesses.  “Just because GMHC is a not-for-profit entity does not mean that we do not engage in business.  We are always looking to partner with businesses, particularly LGBT-owned ones,” Dirk explains.  “Partnering with LGBT-owned businesses is reciprocally beneficial because we are able to support local businesses while further invigorating the LGBT community in our efforts to magnify the urgency of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.”
GMHC has already enjoyed great success in partnering with Chamber members for a variety of services, including working with L7z Group for assistance with Web Management & Strategy.

For more information about GMHC, to make a donation, or to learn about ways to partner with GMHC, please visit GMHC.  You can also “like” GMHC on Facebook and follow GMHC on Twitter.

Written by Robert F. Finkelstein, Esq., NGLCCNY Legal Correspondent; Media Communications Committee.  Rob is a partner at Finkelstein Platt LLP, a general practice law firm, with practice areas including commercial litigation, construction law, general business law, and employment law.

Creating a Relationship - NGLCCNY & Affinity Inc. Magazine

By Robert F. Finkelstein, Esq.

NGLCCNY is proud and thrilled to have developed a relationship with the recently created Affinity Inc Magazine.  Whether you are an LGBT employee or entrepreneur, or otherwise involved with supplier diversity and inclusion for a larger business entity, you will likely benefit from what Affinity offers. 

Robin Dillard, Affinity’s publisher, had the foresight to ensure that the LGBT community would not be forgotten in the supplier diversity and inclusion space.  As Robin explained, “In 2012, I was working as a professional photographer and attended the WBENC [Women’s Business Enterprise National Council] conference in Orlando where I took photographs for Diversity Publishing Group Inc.  The company publishes several niche market publications and saw the need to ‘tell the story’ of the LGBT business equality community.  The story was going untold.  We developed a partnership and working relationship which led to Affinity Inc Magazine.”

Later that year, leaders of Diversity Publishing Group and Robin attended NGLCC’s national conference in Chicago where they presented a 12-page preview piece of what is now Affinity Inc Magazine.  She developed strong relationships with NGLCC’s founders, Justin Nelson and Chance Mitchell, and Diversity Publishing Group Inc., the parent company of Affinity.  Given the Chamber’s obvious commitment to supplier diversity and inclusion, the relationship between Affinity and the Chamber will be of incredible benefit to NGLCCNY’s members. 

Robin Dillard
Publisher, Affinity Inc. Magazine

Robin’s history and commitment to diversity and inclusion stems, in part, from the devoted hard work of her mother, who has been a procurement professional for over 40 years, having assisted a Fortune 100 Company in reaching its current strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.  In her continued support for equality, Robin will be racing on October 27, 2013 for the fifth time around Washington, D.C. in the Human Rights Campaign’s Athletes for Equality Marine Corps Marathon.  (For more information and to make a donation, please visit "here.") 

While directed to the LGBT community and businesses at large, Affinity is focused on LGBT diversity and inclusion issues for businesses of all sizes as well as individual LGBT employees.  “We really want to give corporate America something to think about, whether with respect to hiring diverse suppliers or ensuring that employees have a voice and are treated equally.”  Among other things, Affinity seeks to encourage more businesses to engage their LGBT employees in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

“One of the most valuable things I believe an LGBT business can do for itself is to seek certification from NGLCC,” says Robin.  “As an LGBT Certified Business Enterprise (LGBTBE), you open the door for yourself to engage in tremendous business opportunities with businesses that are actively seeking to hire diverse suppliers.  Supplier diversity has become so instrumental to larger businesses because it is a means by which they are able to locate and attract great talent, obtain creative products and services, and demonstrate to their own employees their commitment to diverse communities.” 

For more information about Affinity Inc Magazine and to see all that is has to offer, please visit http://affinityinc.biz/.

If you are a business entity that is at least 51% LGBT owned, please contact NGLCCNY’s Supplier Diversity Chair, David Ricciardi, at david@nglccny.org for more information about becoming a certified LGBT enterprise.

Written by Robert F. Finkelstein, Esq., NGLCCNY Volunteer Correspondent; Media Communications Committee.  Rob is a partner at Finkelstein Platt LLP, a general practice law firm, with practice areas including commercial litigation, construction law, general business law, and employment law.