Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Exciting Opportunity for NGLCCNY Members plus Exclusive Discount!

Powerful YOU is the latest creation from innovator Richard Oceguera; Networking Expert, Professional Speaker, and Author; and it was designed to give you access to Unleashing the Powerhouse Within.

Creating a dynamic presence, inside and out, is the primary focus of Powerful YOU. How to cultivate it (or coax it out of hiding); what blocks it, and how to literally design a new mindset that propels you forward.
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You'll walk away from this 1-day intensive with:
  • A deep connection to your life's purpose and how that relates to your business
  • Access to unleashing your inner powerhouse
  • The ability to be engaging and dynamic on stage, in front of a camera or one-to-one with a prospect 
  • The same confidence-building mindset tools Richard used to go from wallflower to people magnet
  • Money-making networking strategies that are actually fun
As if all that weren't enough, Richard has lined up a diverse group of shut-the-front-door phenomenal experts, all there to share their secrets around building a powerful business presence, and ultimately attracting your ideal clients.
You will be trained to:
  • Create killer video
  • Write money-making marketing messages
  • Design and implement a kick-butt social media strategy
  • Channel and focus your internal energy so you shine like the business star you are in any room
And Powerful YOU is a hot opportunity to network with a group of ridiculously inspiring entrepreneurs!

This all-day event takes place in a fabulous penthouse loft in SoHo and includes a delicious, healthful lunch.  All this for only $97. 
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