Sunday, May 5, 2013

10 Questions with David Ricciardi of Proximo Consulting Services

Subject: David Ricciardi, President Proximo Consulting Services
Company: Proximo Consulting Services
Helping Fortune 1000 Companies Since: 1997
Location: 2500 Plaza Five, Jersey City, NJ 07311 |

1. What services does Proximo provide?

We are a data services company. We are in the information business. We help customers with everything from collecting, processing, analyzing, and in the end, reporting on data so they can gain actionable insights that directly contribute to the bottom line.

2. What's an example of this?

We helped a global cosmetics company recently. They had no tracking process in place for tracking labor expenses for consultants. So we created a tracking system for them to streamline this process and we discovered they were losing a million dollars a year! Through our services we helped them put a million dollars back into their bottom line.

3. How about an analytics example?

Take a health insurer. We worked with an NYC area HMO. They collect lots of data on insured people. They were trying to undertand client retention. It turned out we were able to determine that the people who were most likely to leave the plan had a pattern of making lots of claims in the first year. We analyzed this data and discovered this group submitted 700% more claims in the first year than the average customer. Armed with this data the HMO can now be more targeted in their marketing so as to avoid taking on these kinds of clients and the associated risk.

4. Who is your ideal client at Proximo?

Fortune 1000 companies. These folks have data and they need help in collecting or analyzing it so they can actually use it day to day. Financial, automotive, consumer packaged goods, education and healthcare are the industries we've worked in so far.

5. How has NGLCC/NGLCCNY helped you connect to these companies?

Being a part of the chamber locally and nationally has been the best thing in my business. Being a certified business has opened doors to these companies that we just never had before. At the local level through NGLCCNY we have met some top-notch small businesses and created strong partnerships. The conversations I’ve had with peers and contacts with our local corporate partners has helped my shape and direct how I run my business. By talking to my colleagues and peers I have been able to see where we had gaps in our service offering. For example we’ve gotten much more into deep dive analytics and it’s completely complimentary to what we do. And I’ve also started to see the types of things clients are looking for and not looking for. Attending Chamber events gives me an opportunity to really listen instead of selling and gives me a sense of what they want and, more importantly, what they don’t want. You’d be surprised how similar the needs are across these companies. The Chamber has provided a way to get to know contacts better.

6. Has being a certified business really been worth your time?

Absolutely! It’s an absolute no brainer. I can’t even imagine not having done this. I have developed business and the opportunities for future work in terms of quantity and quality are growing.

7. You’ve been an NGLCCNY member since the beginning. And you are the Supplier Diversity Chair. On a personal level what do you get from your involvement?

If I leave business completely out of this, I’ve met some terrific people. You can never have enough good people in your life! I really feel like I’m making things happen for other people too. I feel like I’m giving back. It’s just good to do good things for good people. You can have such a positive impact on the community at large and it’s not something I’d have a chance to do otherwise.

8. Why should a business get certified?

Everybody who is elibgle should get certified; especially if you are looking to do business with corporations. It really comes down to opportunity. I can say unequivicably you will have more opportunities to do business with major corporations than not. All it costs you is doing some paperwork. You will have to perform and impress people with what you are capable of. You will find out who you are a fit for and what it will take for you to become a good fit. It gives you information about what you need to do to grow your business. You can get so much out of it. It also puts you into a select “club” of other certified businesses and you will engage these people to learn how to grow your business. There’s a lot of avenues for you to follow up on. If you take the time to do so it will pay off in ways you might not see now. The knowledge you gain from the other certified businesses will give you a leg up in your own business and this is something we all need as small business owners!
9. What’s something you want people to know about David Ricciardi?

I like what I do. I really enjoy being in business and helping others. The reason I do it is because it is a means to an end. I have an amazing partner, Derek, and a great daughter, Sofia, and I love to take care of them. The reason I’m in business is to have the ability to take care of the people I love the most.

10. Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Oh, Brooklyn! I’m a lifelong Brooklynite. Manhattan is a nice place to visit but I’d never live there.

Richard Oceguera is a business success coach and author of the upcoming book, Convert Your Community to Cash: Monetize Your Connections. He helps business owners struggling to generate sales by showing them how to build a thriving community they can monetize. Connect with him at 


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