Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Power of NGLCCNY Membership

This month, we thought it would be beneficial to focus on the strong benefits of developing relationships with other Chamber members.  While we continue to encourage all Chamber members to learn more about and develop relationships with the Chamber’s Corporate Partners, there are great opportunities available to each of you by developing relationships with one another.  After all, NGLCCNY is a chamber, meaning it is a forum for its members to form and build strong business relationships.


For example, long-time Silver Business Member Neil Cerbone Associates (NCA) and Platinum Business Member L7z Group, since meeting through NGLCCNY, have formed a partnership that expands their respective product and service offerings and increases overall capacity of both firms – the interlocking directorate.  NCA’s President, Neil Cerbone, and CEO, Thomas Devaney, together with L7z founders and principals, Jeremy Bellman and Gonzalo ‘Gonzo’ Araya, explain that their firms’ partnership came as a result of multiple collaborations on major enterprise-wide initiatives for global clients.  Their joint results have exceeded all expectations.

Both NCA and L7z are certified NGLCC LGBT Enterprises (LGBTE), meaning that they are both at least 51% LGBT owned and eligible to obtain business from larger businesses as diverse suppliers. 

NCA is a performance strategy firm focused on learning, organizational development and contract training.  As a diverse supplier for a growing number of large businesses, including Accenture, NCA was named Accenture’s 2010 Diverse Protégé Supplier of the Year.  In 2011, NCA was awarded Supplier of the Year by NGLCC.  L7z is a full service digital communications firm that works with equal success in marketing, brand performance and enterprise wide change management initiatives.  L7z was an Accenture Protégé Supplier of the year graduate in 2012 and a 2012 Premier Award Winner for Leveraging Influencers for the ABSOLUT OUTrageous Digital US execution. 

As an integrated entity, NCA/L7z synthesizes the power of digital reach with the finesse of human touch.  “The Human Capital challenges of the 21st century workforce necessitate strong thought leadership and superior digital expertise,” said Neil Cerbone.  “Our clients rely on us to integrate their cultural DNA into every solution we propose.  It requires the marriage of technology and mindset to navigate the new marketplace.  The NCA/L7z partnership is unique not only because we are complimentary experts in both digital and human performance, but also because of shared values that result in a passion for our clients, a commitment to uncompromising excellence and total dedication to providing measurable, meaningful results, no matter what.”

“I think our clients are as excited about our partnership as we are,” said Jeremy Bellman.  “They are seeking a firm that can provide end-to-end Human Capital solutions with the agility of a smaller firm without losing the capacity of the ‘big boys’.  And that’s what NCA/L7z is all about.”  

In order to maximize their client experience, both firms now share headquarters in the New York metropolitan area.  “We all travel so much,” said Thomas Devaney.  “Coming home to the same space provides a shared haven where spontaneous brainstorming can ignite at any moment.”  “It escalates the level of creativity that our clients have come to expect,” added Gonzalo Araya. “No one appreciates virtual connectivity more than we do, but many of our best solutions have emerged in the last 30 minutes of the day, when we are relaxing together before heading home.”  
As certified diverse suppliers and active members of NGLCC’s Supplier Diversity Program, NCA & L7z met as a result of their individual commitments to supplier diversity.  In addition to being members of the Chamber, L7z’s Gonzo Araya holds an NGLCCNY Executive Committee leadership role as Media Communications Chair, and NCA’s Neil Cerbone holds a NGLCCLNY Co-Chair ERG role.  As certified entities, the NCA/L7z partnership has resulted in unimaginable opportunities, with the NCA/L7z partnership spanning the globe, with satellite locations in Washington, D.C., New Hampshire, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  

“Certification as an LGBTE opens doors to business opportunities with an array of larger businesses, including NGLCCNY Corporate Partners.  In addition, LGBTE certification facilitates opportunities for business growth through executive mentorship programs, scholarships and national exposure.  LGBTE Certification is much more than just a document -- it is a platform,” said Gonzo Araya.

If your business is at least 51% LGBT owned and it is not yet certified as an NGLCC LGBTE, please contact David Ricciardi for more information at

Written by Robert F.Finkelstein, Esq., NGLCCNY Corporate Correspondent, Media Communications Committee. Rob is an attorney practicing commercial litigation, construction law, general corporate, and employment law with John E. Osborn P.C.

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