Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top 7 Reasons Serious Business Professionals Join NGLCCNY

By Henry Jones

1. Makes You Sexy
Look at you! The successful business owner, producing results, connected to a prosperous community. That’s sexy.

2. Performance and Results
Gravel or asphalt? You’ve built your business to perform. Drive it on a smooth surface, in a community maximizing the return on your actions. Seize new opportunities with other businesses sharing your goals. Continuously elevate your measure of success. Create partnerships a community of successful New York business owners and entrepreneurs.

3. Get Certified as an LGBT Business Enterprise
Your NGLCCNY membership is the key to certification as anLGBT Business Enterprise. Our parent organization, the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, offers the certification recognized by procurement divisions at 130 major corporations. Don’t you want a seat at the table?

4. Create a Mega Network
Gain access to local events like our popular M3: Members' Monthly Mixer and Webinar Wednesday series. Participate in events like the NGLCC Business and Leadership Summit designed for LGBT business owners to grow your business and maximize results. And learn about today’s victories for equality, business and leadership from people just like you who are paving the way now.

5. Get Connected to Your Industry
Want to sharpen your industry skills and connections? From CLEs to exclusive non-profit board retreats to receptions on the New York StockExchange trading floor, our Industry Councils provide targeted and relevant programming. Our new Media & Entertainment Industry Council is getting underway with a luncheon at Anderson Cooper’s studio! (That’s sexy too.)

6. Be a Leader
Don’t think you’re a person who leads? No problem, just lead anyway. Head a committee, spearhead an event or create an Industry Council. The Chamber is ready for you. NGLCCNY offers you the opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in the LGBT business community.

7. Play in a Dynamic Community
NGLCCNY’s membership includes nearly two-hundredLGBT and allied businesses and eighteen major corporations. From attorneys to chocolatiers to service providers of all stripes – even an expert on opening a business in Burma – this community has it all!

Henry Jones is NGLCCNY Chief of Staff and an occasional contributor to the NGLCCNY News Blog. He can be reached at henry@nglccny.org.

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