Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creative Collaborations Produce Winning Results

At NGLCCNY, businesses of all types, whether certified or not, are working in partnership to produce impressive business results. The most recent example of collaboration comes from Proscenium and certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) L7z Group. The two companies, both NGLCCNY Platinum Business Members, recently partnered to provide a full-service nine-city tour for ten thousand managerial employees of T-Mobile.

Seattle, Washington (hosted 4,000 guests)

Proscenium is a meeting and events production company, whose business includes arranging small, intimate meetings to large, full-scale sales and shareholder meetings, ranging from 50 to 15,000 people.  Proscenium manages all forms of logistics for its meetings and events, including registration, travel, and implementation of content, stage design, and media.  Transforming digital transactions into human transactions, L7z designs/develops responsive websites, mobile apps and social media apps while leveraging social-mobile campaigns to humanize the brand and engage the audience.

“I met Gonzo Araya and Jeremy Bellman of L7z at a Chamber event two years ago,” said Chuck Santoro, Partner and Chief Creative at Proscenium. “Soon afterward, we were looking for a business with expertise in “live” in-venue texting. Proscenium had a contract to provide all aspects of logistics, planning and travel for a T-Mobile event. So we brought L7z aboard to handle the texting service. Adding an LGBTBE doing professional, high quality work enhanced the package of services we provided to T-Mobile.”

Proscenium was excited it could bring an LGBTBE to work with it on the T-Mobile project.  The new team operated seamlessly to produce an engaged and spirited welcome during walk-ins with text message “shout-outs,” and a very intimate “Q&A” session with the C-Suite panel, at closing.  As collaborators Proscenium and L7z were able to create vivid “moments” for the client.

“Although being a certified business owner wasn’t a collaborative requirement from T-Mobile, we were happy to be considered for the opportunity and be provided with a platform where we can further address awareness of LGBTBE certification and its imperativeness to the business,” said Gonzo.

Continuing to make full use of its NGLCCNY membership, Proscenium was certain to hire certified LGBTBE Focus Events & Catering, also an NGLCCNY Platinum Business Member, to cater the client party at the conclusion of the T-Mobile tour. The relationship between L7z and Proscenium has opened the door to additional projects for L7z, including ongoing opportunities with T-Mobile.

“The Chamber’s networking opportunities are endless, whether a company is certified as an LGBTBE or not,” said Santoro. “I fully encourage non-LGBTBE members to explore opportunities with LGBTEs. Working together, there are extraordinary opportunities to be enjoyed.”

Written by Robert F. Finkelstein, Esq., NGLCCNY Corporate Correspondent, Media Communications Committee.  Rob is an attorney practicing commercial litigation, construction law, general corporate, and employment law with Osborn.

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