Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letter from NGLCCNY President Richard Oceguera

Dear NGLCCNY Members and Friends,

The events of the past two weeks have been nothing short of historic. Americans exercised their right to vote and caused indelible shifts in the social and political landscape. From the re-election of President Obama to the record numbers of women and LGBT candidates who won races, to the four big marriage equality wins in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, the voice of the people ushered in a new era. We will never be the same

NGLCCNY President Richard Oceguera

Clearly our community has much to celebrate, and it is well deserved. Acknowledgment is especially deserved by those individuals and organizations which have worked for years to advance equality in America.

Yet amid this jubilation stands the stark reality of the impact Superstorm Sandy made throughout our region. As I write, there are millions still without power in New York, New Jersey and beyond. Moreover, thousands do not have homes at all.

We have all been held captive by Sandy’s effects. Some of our own members lost their businesses or suffered massive damages due to flooding. And as the clean-up continues, we will no doubt learn of more losses. As business owners, this affects all of our bottom lines.

Now we stand at a crossroads. Do we succumb to inertia, or do we raise our heads and charge forward? The answer is easy. As a community, it’s time to take action. It’s time to take advantage of the disaster aid that is available to us from the city, state and federal governments. It’s time to reach out and lend a helping a hand to those in need. And it’s time to do what we do best: supporting each other’s businesses so we can all get back on track.

NGLCCNY is a community of individuals who take action and make a difference. Whether you are in need, or have the capacity to help your neighbor, what will you do today to move forward?

To make it easy to fulfill on taking action, here are some key resources:

Apply for Disaster Aid
Volunteer or Donate
Support NGLCCNY Businesses
Together, let's savor these hard-won pro-equality victories and ride this unprecedented wave of transformation to rebuild and restart. 


Richard Oceguera
President, NGLCCNY

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