Friday, September 7, 2012

New Member Sees “Fleury” of Business Results

Ninety Chamber members and their guests stand listening in a large, private room in Chelsea. It’s February 15, 2012, and Gold Business Member Slate is hosting the M3: Members’ Monthly Mixer.

“We seek opportunities to produce floral arrangements for corporate events,” says Jessica Wolvek, owner of new Copper Business Member Fleurs NYC, speaking into a microphone before the packed room. “We are glad to be here, excited to be part of the Chamber.” A wave of warm applause fills the air as Ms. Wolvek receives her new orange and white membership pin.

Glenn Reimer of Silver Business Member Fourth Wall Events is one person who heard Ms. Wolvek speak that evening. “I produce a corporate event every year for Tourism Toronto. As soon as I heard Jessica speak at the February M3, I knew I had to meet her,” said Mr. Reimer.

Fast-forward to May 31, 2012. Ms. Wolvek’s floral arrangements fill a corporate penthouse on West 45th Street, welcoming eight-dozen hospitality professionals to Ring in the Spring, a business development event hosted by Tourism Toronto. Ms. Wolvek’s impeccable work, customized to the occasion, is composed of plants native to the Toronto region.

“I was amazed at how fast it happened,” said Ms. Wolvek. “Before I joined the Chamber, most of my work was on weddings. Now I’ve expanded into corporate work as well. Glenn and I have another project coming up in November. The Chamber is definitely an effective place to make business happen.”

“We made a good choice bringing Jessica in on the contract,” added Mr. Reimer, “and we are glad to be creating new possibilities for future collaboration.”

Visit to find out how Jessica can turn your special events into memorable masterpieces.

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  1. Amazing collaboration for this event also involving Cocktail Caterers and The Cutting Edge Elite. All members of the NGLCCNY.