Thursday, May 3, 2012

The 10 Minute Pitch: Prepare for NGLCC Matchmakers

Webinar:             The 10 Minute Pitch: Prepare for NGLCC Matchmakers

As an owner of a small- or mid-sized business, you probably have your “elevator pitch” down…that 30 seconds where you quickly explain what you do.  You’ve probably also have your credentials deck and presentation ready for long meetings with prospects and clients.  However, do you have your “10 minute” pitch?  With ten minutes, you can go beyond a simple overview of your products and services, yet can’t go into as much detail as you might like.  10 minutes calls for focusing on message, value proposition, and case studies, but it is too easy to run long.

With the Matchmaker sessions at NGLCC’s Business & Leadership Conference coming up in August, and NGLCCNY’s Certified Superstar program in full gear, making the most of only ten minutes with a diversity or procurement professional at a major company is important.  Those few minutes can determine if you will have a chance at doing business and winning a contract in the future.  So join us for this important educational webinar that will teach you the tools you need to make a great impression and put your best foot forward.

Our main presenter will be Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. a business psychologist who speaks in front of thousands of corporate professionals each year and consistently receives repeat invitations for her speeches.  Sharon also sits on the Supplier Diversity Committee for the NGLCCNY.

1.      The "Anatomy of a Killer Presentation!"
  • Learn the information you need to put up front in order to capture - and keep - the attention of the corporate partner during your presentation.
  • The way to organize your information so your company is memorable.
  • Which kind of story you need to conclude with in order for the diversity or procurement professional to hire you.
2.      The 5 Biggest Mistakes Certified Businesses Make in
         the 10 Minute Pitch - and Quick Fixes to Avoid Making
         them Yourself

Webinar Wednesday is NGLCCNY’s new series that focuses on business development topics important to the certified business who is selling to large corporations. As a lunch-hour webinar, you can attend without having to leave your office, and learn from relevant panelists who are experts on the topics. Interactive Q&A will allow you to find out more about what you need to know to develop a successful business.

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